What we do

Industry leading service.

Fresh food produce cannot be left to wait; or urgently required parts left on the shelf; or parcels waiting to be sorted and despatched;  while parts are flown in or stock is traced in order to have a production line working again. 

SBC have established long term, reliable partnerships with the major international manufacturers to ensure if it exists – we’ll have it – fitted. Fast!

Supply & install.

SBC is committed to providing superior products PLUS the best service to support them, in order to be the belting solutions partner of choice to British industry. 

  • We work closely with each client as part of their team and tackle challenges alongside them. Supplying. Fitting. Run & Tracking. Responding. 24/7. 365 

Our product range.

Whether it’s food grade belting, logistics, a custom fabrication or any of the other multitude of uses, our belts are constructed to meet the highest industry standards as we understand the importance of keeping your products moving, day in day out.

As no two conveyors are the same, it’s vitally important to speak to our team about your particular conveyor application. From high sanitary, high temperature, high wear, to high friction needs, combined with minimum pulley diameters, backbends, and horizontal to vertical transition points these variables need to be carefully considered and taken into account when assessing your system to ensure longevity and reliability.

  • PVC Belting

  • PU

  • Grip

  • Polycord

  • Flights

  • Modular Belts

Geared to getting things moving

Whether Strathaven Belting are contracted to maintain a clients belting systems, or we simply get an emergency call to replace a broken one, our stock and the partnerships we have mean we can be relied on to provide food & non-food belts to almost any spec. 

Endless. Tracked. Modular. In polyurethane or pvc. New installation or repair/refurbishment. We are manufacturer trained to provide expert advice on the ultimate solution and, as we deal with all of the major players we can remain absolutely independent in our thinking to ensure what we recommend is correct FOR YOU!

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Custom belt fabrication for your toughest applications

Strathaven Belting is known for its outstanding fabrication abilities. We offer world-class, comprehensive solutions to meet your specific belting needs. Our fabrication techniques are continuously refined, allowing us to engineer solutions for the most demanding of applications.

HIGH SPEED Vulcanisation 

Our new High Speed presses offer the ability to create joints in belts in super-fast time for minimum possible downtime. This facility is also available on-site where necessary. 


Lacing allows the belt ends to be connected and disconnected as opposed to an “endless” belt which is permanently spliced. We offer a variety of conveyor belt splicing options that create strong, long-lasting splices.


A guide is an accessory that can be welded or glued to the bottom or top of your conveyor belt. On the bottom of a belt, a guide aides in tracking a belt as it moves along the conveyor. Guides can also be added to the top of the belt for product containment. We offer many different sizes and colours of solid and notched guides. Most guides are tapered at the bottom. This is called a v-guide.


Endlessing is the processing on join two ends to form a continuous loop on the conveyor. This method of belt fabrication is perfect for industries that need low profile splices without marking, or diminishing, the looks of conveyors. For instance, conveyor belts in the food and sanitary industry need to be spliced neatly and faultlessly for cleanliness and better effectiveness


Our unique fabrication process produces an extremely sanitary end product that is free of inside corners, niches or weld splatter. The cleats are permanently attached to the base belt forming a smooth 1/8″ radius around the entire perimeter of the cleat base. This innovative process ensures that your belts will remain easily cleanable to a microbial level. 

Synchronised Sidewall

For controlled containment of product, we offer a hygienic sidewall. Our sidewall is synchronously welded to the base belt. This results in a smooth consistent finish with a lower footprint for clean-ability with superior strength and minimum pulley capabilities.

Edge Seal

Exposed fabric is absorbent. The liquids soaked up by a fabric can harbor bacteria and are difficult to sanitize. Edge Seals the outside edge by removing exposed fabric and replacing the outside edge with a solid plastic, resulting in an easy-to-clean edge that is non-absorbent. This also eliminates edge fray.